Hotel Safety Steam Iron – 1600w


This Hotel Safety Steam Iron boasts an auto shut off safety feature: motion sensor switches Iron off in 30 seconds if let on sole plate and 8 minutes if left on heel.

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Hotel Safety Steam Iron

The Hotel Safety Steam Iron boasts an auto shut off safety feature: motion sensor switches Iron off in 30 seconds if let on sole plate and 8 minutes if left on heel.

This Iron has a built in light,  Red whilst the iron is heating up, Green when the temp is reached and flashing green for when the motion sensor comes into play.

This Hotel Safety Steam Iron is also available in a Dry option please click here

  • Motion Sensor switches Iron off in 30 seconds if left on sole plate and 8 minutes if left on heel

    Ceramic Sole Plate
    Ceramic Sole Plate
  • Adjustable Steam Control/Temperature Control
  • Steam/Dy Ironing
  • Steam Jet
  • Water spray
  • 200ml Water Tank
  • 3 Metre Power Lead for ease of use
  • Ceramic sole plate
  • 360° Power Lead
  • 1600 watt Fitted with 3 pin UK plug (220v-240v 50Hz) .
  • CE/GS/RoHS compliant

Manufacturer’s Instructions

Before Using for The First Time:

Dispose of all packaging and plastic bags and in a responsible manner Some parts of the iron have been slightly greased and as a result, the iron may smoke slightly when switched on for the first time. It will not happen again after the first use.

Before using for the first time remove any protective films or stickers from the sole plate and the cabinet. Clean the sole place with a soft cloth.

When using the iron for the first time, test it on an old piece of fabric to ensure that the sole plate and water tank are completely clean.

The first time the iron is used, a small amount of smoke may be emitted. This is perfectly normal and ceases to occur after the appliance has been in use for a white.

  1. Place the iron on a stable flat surface out of the reach of children.
  2. Fill the water tank, ensuring that you do not fill past the MAX mark.

NOTE: The iron must be unplugged from the power supply when filling with water.

  1. Turn the temperature control dial to the lowest position.
  2. Plug into a suitable power outlet, ensuring that the power cord is not overstretched or could be accidentally caught. The pilot light will illuminate, indicating that the iron is switched on.
  3. Rotate the temperature control dial to the required setting for the clothes. The pilot light will come on indicating that the iron is heating. When the pilot light goes out this indicates that the iron has reached the temperature for your selection and you can start ironing.
  4. After ironing, unplug the iron from the power supply, turn the dial to the lowest setting minimum), empty out any unused water and allow it to cool in a safe place.

Steam Ironing: The dial controls the amount of steam. Turn clockwise to increase the volume of steam produced by the 3 options available. (Turn anti-clockwise to decrease the volume of steam.)

Spraying: Press the spray button towards the area to be ironed to produce a spray of water.

Auto shut OFF safety Function: The iron will automatically shut off: after 8 minutes in the standing position (upright); or after 30 seconds in the horizontal position (flat).

Note: As soon as the iron is moved again, it switches back on.


  1. Switch the iron off, disconnect from the power and allow it to cool down.
  2. Clean with a soft cloth, using it damp, if necessary, to remove minor stains.
  3. Do not immerse any part of the iron in water and ensure all external connections, switches and sockets are kept dry.
  4. Chemicals, detergents or any abrasive cleaning powder, pads or polish of any kind must not be used as they can damage the iron.

This appliance is not intended for use by persons including children with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliances by a person responsible for their safety.

Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with this appliance.

IMPORTANT— If the mains lead of this appliance becomes damaged then it must be replaced by a suitably qualified person using the same rated cable in order to avoid a hazard.


Iron emits an odour or smoke: Iron gives off an odour when turned on for the first time. Oils used during manufacture need to be burnt off allow ten minutes for odour to disappear.

Iron does not heat: The iron should be plugged into a 230V AC electrical outlet only. The temperature dial must be set at the desired temperature. The iron should be plugged into a 230 Volt, AC electrical outlet only. The temperature dial must be set at the desired temperature.

Iron does not steam: The water tank many be empty. Turn the steam valve to ‘0’ and add water. Allow the iron to heat, and then set the steam dial to the steam setting.

Burst of steam feature does not work: The water tank must be at least 1/4 full. Temperature must be set to steam position. Iron should be in the horizontal position. Prime pump briefly. Allow a short pause between shots. Be sure to fully depress the burst of steam button.

Spray mist feature does not work: The water tank must be at least 1/4 full. Fill the iron as described in the section ‘how to fill the water tank’.

Iron is leaking: The variable steam dial must be set on” 0″, until the iron is hot. The temperature setting is too low to produce steam. Shot of steam used too much, allow iron to re-heat.



Electrical Connection

Ensure your supply is rated at 220-240v and 50/60Hz before operating the appliance.

This appliance is fitted with a rewireable plug incorporating a 13amp fuse. In addition, this appliance must be earthed or connected to an earthed supply. In the event of the fuse needing replacement then a 13amp fuse approved by ASTA to BS1362 MUST be used.


DO NOT use the iron but report to the hotel management if the iron has been dropped and there is visible damage or leakage.

DO NOT use in a bathroom or near any source of water.

DO NOT allow the iron or its lead to be submerged in water.

DO NOT leave the iron unattended whilst in use.

DO NOT use the iron for any use other than ironing clothes.

DO NOT allow the power cord to hang over the edge of the ironing board where it can be pulled off.

NEVER iron clothes whilst they are being worn.

ALWAYS ensure that the water tank is emptied after use

ALWAYS ensure that the iron is placed on a flat, stable surface with the power cord properly connected out of the reach of children.

ALWAYS unplug the iron before cleaning.

ALWAYS carry the iron with care and touch only the switches and handle.


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