Hotel bedroom supplies

Our hotel bedroom supplies include many exciting products. Kettles, irons, folding beds, tray sets and minibars. Also hotel safes, telephones, hairdryers and bins.

Hotel bedroom supplies - 7 Litre Luxury Vinyl Hotel Bin - Plum
7 Litre Vinyl Hotel Bin – Burgundy

Hotel Bins

A range of durable and quality hotel bins. 7 litre, 9 litre and 11 litre sizes.

Available in black, stainless steel, white, matt steel and black powder coated finishes.

There is also a range of luxury vinyl bedroom bins. Available in 6 colours. Brown, green, blue, burgundy, stone and black.

Hotel hairdryers

Wide range of hotel hairdryers – wall and drawer mounted models. Choose from a variety of finishes. Colours include white, black and stainless steel.

CLICK HERE to view our entire range of hotel hairdryers.

Cordless 1 litre jug hotel kettle
Cordless 1 litre hotel jug kettle

Hotel kettles

You rely on the products you provide for your guests to be durable. ‘Cheap’ electrical goods won’t last. You will only have to replace them more frequently. Hotel kettles from BTS are high quality, stylish and durable. They are also very reasonably priced. Choose from white, black stainless steel or two-tone. Our 1 litre kettles won’t let you, or your guests, down!

Hotel irons, ironing boards and ironing centres

Steam and dry irons, stylish ironing boards, covers and board holders. Also compact and floor standing ironing centres.

Hotel folding guest beds

We supply a range of high-quality folding guest beds, manufactured by Jay-Be. These include the Kingston single folding guest bed and the high performance J-Bed, available in single and double sizes.

Hotel bedroom supplies luggage racks

Wooden and steel folding luggage racks.

Dometic hotel minibar
Dometic hotel minibar

Hotel minibars

The Dometic range of silent minibars set the standard for hotel bedroom supplies. Feature-packed, our minibar range suit all kinds of guests. They also suit every demand and budget.

Hotel safes

Our hotel safes are stylish and discreet. Our hotel safes provide peace of mind for you, as well as your guests. From mini safes to 17″ laptop safes. There’s a hotel safe for every application.

Hotel bedroom telephones

Cost-effective basic hotel telephones and high quality models. Available in black and white.

Hotel bedroom fans

For when your customers need to be kept cool, our pedestal or table desk fans are the perfect solution.

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