Curtain Measuring Guide

BTS offers a measuring service for all our Soft Furnishings. However, for estimate purposes you may prefer to supply us with ‘your measurements’ using the below guidance.

Measuring Advice

  • Always take your time and measure twice just to make sure
  • For greater accuracy use a metal tape
  • We would recommend that your track or pole is fixed in place prior to measuring
  • Your track or pole should be placed approximately15cm (6”) above your window top and should be wider than the window by approximately 15-20cm (6-8”)
  • To allow your curtains to create that soft gathered look when they are closed: allow 2 times the width of the curtain track or polef or tape top curtains, allow 1.5 to 2 times the width of the curtain for eyelet and tab top curtains, add an extra 2.5cm (1″) to your track/pole measurement. This will allow for your curtains to overlap in the middle when they are closed to keep out light or draught.

Taking your width measurements

  • Always measure the track or pole and NOT the window to ascertain the width needed
  • If you are measuring a window that has not previously had curtains then please detail the length the track or pole would need to be based on the overhang detailed above.
  • Track measurement – please take the full track length.
  • Pole measurement – please take the pole length in between the finials (decorative ends)

Calculating the drop of your curtains

  • Decide on the effect you want, either floor length or sill length. Ideally sill length curtains should finish 15cm (6″) below the window sill to banish light and draughts. Floor length curtains should finish 1.5cm (1/2″) above the floor to prevent wear on the hems.
  • For tape top curtains measure the length from the eye of the curtain hook on your track or pole. Remember to take the length of the tabs into consideration when measuring from the pole, ensuring your pole sits far enough above the window to allow for the depth of the tab.
  • Eyelet curtains are only suitable for curtain poles. Again measure the length from the pole.
  • If you have a radiator below the window your curtains should finish 3cm (1 1/2″) above it so as not to restrict the heat coming into the room.
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