LUMI4 Solid Door Minibar 40L

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Our new LUMI minibars use groundbreaking solid state thermoelectric cells to keep everything and everyone chill; refreshments efficiently cooled, no humming or buzzing to disturb your guests, and no moving parts to break for you to repair!

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LUMI4 Solid Door Minibar 40L

LUMI4 Solid Door Minibar Utilizes the groundbreaking thermo-electric, solid-state cooling tech the new Lumi4 minibars are the most discreet guestroom minibars ever conceived. Totally silent in operation as they have no need for the mechanical compressor found in old fashioned versions.

The solid version of the LUMI4 contains storage shelves in the door and can hold hold taller bottles upright in addition to the toughened glass shelves to the rear. Interior

Power Consumption: 0.263kwh/24hr
Energy Level : A+
Cooling Capacity:  5° – 8°
Size H x W x D: 545 x 405 x 443mm
Weight: 11.3kg


What Are Thermoelectric Coolers?

Thermoelectric coolers are solid-state heat pumps that operate according to the Peltier effect: a theory that claims a heating or cooling effect occurs when electric current passes through two conductors. A voltage applied to the free ends of two dissimilar materials creates a temperature difference. With this temperature difference, Peltier cooling will cause heat to move from one end to the other.

Please follow the installation details below carefully. Guarantee is valid for products installed as described only.

  1. There should be 20mm clearance to the wall.
  2. The refrigerator must be level both directions.
  3. The ventilation duct must at least measure 105mm*the width of the refrigerator.
  4. Only the entire cooling unit must project into the duct as shown.
  5. Air passing through the duct must not be preheated by any source of heat.
  6. Ventilation grills, if used, must have openings of at least 200cm each
  7. For glass door version,when ambient humidity is above 65 percent in 25 degree ambient temperature,the fog will emerge.

Delivery 3-4 working days

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LUMI4 Solid Door Minibar 40L