Classic Wall Mounted Hotel Safety Hair Dryer 1200w



The Classic Wall Mounted Hotel Safety Hair Dryer 1200w is a feature packed hair dryer at a budget price.

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Classic Hotel Safety Hairdryer – Wall Mounted 1200w

The Classic Hotel Safety Hairdryer 1200w is a feature packed hair dryer at a budget price.  It has all the features you need,  with 2 fan and heat settings and a thermal safety cut-off to prevent over heating.  The Classic Hotel Safety  Hair Dryer 1200w is wall mounted with a anti-theft security wall holder.  It also boast a integral styling connector to facilitate shaping during  blow drying.  Energy saving 1200W


Classic Hotel Safety Hairdryer

  • Colour – White.
  • Energy saving 1200W.
  • Special hotel safety/energy saving “on-off’ switch
  • Safety thermostatic cut-out to help prevent over-heating.
  • 3 fan speeds/heat settings for controlled drying
  • Anti-theft security wall holder.
  • Coiled cable for ease of movement
  • Comes with integral styling concentrator.
  • Complete with plug for simple and economic installation
  • Good airflow
  • Double insulated
  • No electrician required to fit (can if required be hard wired by a professional electrician).
  • UK Plug fitted.

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  • RATING 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1200W
  • COLOUR White
  • GUARANTEE 4 Years
  • POWER 1200W
  • DIMENSIONS (APPROX.)170mm x 230mm x 80mm (excluding holder and concentrator)


Cleaning and care

  • Before cleaning the hair dryer, remove the plug from the wall socket and let the appliance cool down completely.
  • To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not clean the hair dryer with water nor immerse it in water.
  • If necessary, the housing of the hair dryer may be wiped with a dry lint-free cloth.
  • Always check the air intake openings for accumulated lint particles or hair and remove any found.

Your Northmace Hotel Safety Hairdryer should only be cleaned with a soft cloth, slightly moistened with water (moist but NOT wet). Do not use any cleaning products as even in diluted form they may damage the finish. Avoid the areas around the nozzle, air inlet, switches and the electrical connections. It is important that you remember to completely isolate your hairdryer, and if applicable holder, from the electricity supply before attempting to clean it. Then polish dry with a dry soft cloth.


Additional information


80mm x 155mm x 210mm (approximate dimensions excluding holder)

Classic Wall Mounted Hotel Safety Hair Dryer 1200w