Avantgarde Hotel Safety Kettle



Avantgarde Hotel Safety Kettle 0.9 litre, quick boil, energy saver comes with strix control with an auto cut off feature with indicator light in the switch.

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Avantgarde Hotel Safety Kettle

The Avantgarde Hotel Safety Kettle has a 0.9 Litre capacity. It has a concealed element beneath a stainless steel floor which makes it easier to clean and the quick boil feature makes this more energy efficient.  It can accommodate 3 to 4 cups of water making it ideal for the hospitality industry.  The Cordless kettle with strix control has an auto cut off feature with indicator light in the switch. Guests require a kettle that is easy to use and above all safe. Hoteliers look for a durable, safe, energy efficient solution. The Avantgarde Hotel Safety Kettle offers all these, catering for both the guest and hotelier alike.

Cleaning Instructions

The Avantgarde Hotel kettle should only be cleaned with a soft cloth, slightly moistened with water (moist but NOT wet). Do not use any cleaning products as even in diluted form they damage the finish. Avoid the areas around the switch and the electrical connections. Remember to completely isolate your kettle from the electricity supply before attempting to clean it. Then polish dry with a dry soft soft cloth.


  • 0.9 litre cordless kettle, quick boil, energy saver
  • Concealed element in stainless steel floor
  • Auto switch-off with indicator light in switch
  • 360° base with anti-theft fixing and cord tidy
  • Safety locking lid
  • Ensure the kettle is filled between the MIN and MAX mark.
  • Sight windows to indicate water level
  • Extra strong body
  • Boil dry safety feature
  • Full Strix controlled
  • Easy for housekeeping to clean inside
  • Do not over fill the kettle. In order to save energy you should only boil the amount of water required.
  • Dimensions (approx.) 240mm  (h) x 195mm (w) x 150mm (d) including handle
  • Colour options: White
  • 5 Years Manufacturer Guarantee.

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Avantgarde Hotel Safety Kettle