President Hotel Safety Steam Iron 2000w



President Hotel Safety Iron, appreciated, versatile and safe

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President Hotel Safety Steam Iron 2000w

The new President Hotel Safety Iron has a four year guarantee, is a powerful 2000W and has an integral Hotel Auto-Off safety timer, as well as numerous features only found in top of the range irons.  It is perfect for the hospitality industry with it’s guest friendly controls. Housekeepers’ will also appreciate the Self-Clean feature and Anti-calc system. Thanks to the specially designed steam circuit in the iron, the lime scale that builds up during ironing is fed directly into the Anti-calc System and collected in a single step. The President Hotel Safety Iron is also fitted with a professional hotel, damage -resistant, rubber power cord. It is exceptionally well priced for a product of its quality and features. This iron can be purchased as a complete ironing centre. President Hotel  Safety Steam Ironing Centre 

  • Easy to use, guest friendly, intuitive controls.Hotel Safety Iron
  • Integral Hotel Auto-Off timer safety feature – 30 seconds horizontal and 8 minutes vertical.
  • Non-stick coated sole plate.
  • Auto-off indicator light.
  • Burst of steam and spray facilities.
  • Self-Clean feature.
  • Anti-calc system.
  • Soft grip handle.
  • 2m long rubber power cord.
  • Colour – Black/Silver
  • 5 Years grantee.
  • Power: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 2000W
  • Dimension (approx) 180mm (h) x 120mm (w) x 280mm (l)


Before cleaning, switch off and remove the plug from the socket and allow the iron to cool down sufficiently.

1.  DO NOT wrap the lead around the body of the iron after use as this may cause damage to the lead.

2. Wipe off the sole-plate with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive (liquid) cleaner.

3. If the fibre is adhered to the sole-plate, use a damp cloth with vinegar to wipe off the sole-plate.

4. Never use strong acid or alkali as these may damage the sole-plate.

5. If the scale blocks the steam hole, please remove the scale with toothpick; do not damage the surface of sole-plate.

6. Stand the iron on its end and let it cool down sufficiently, and meantime pour any remaining water out of the box, set the dry/steam selector to position “O”.

7. IMPORTANT – If the mains lead of this appliance becomes damaged then it must be replaced by a suitably qualified person using the same rated cable in order to avoid a hazard.


President Hotel Safety Steam Iron 2000w