Dometic Safes

Individual,  discreet and available at any time – service has many faces but only one aim:  generating a Dometic Safesspecial kind of all-round comfort.  The possibilities offered by Dometic proSafe make good service even better.  They make room for extra comfort and enhance the individual character of the interior.

A proSafe from Dometic never clocks off;  it continually offers additional security and protection for your guests’ valuables.  Always available – 24 hours a day – if offers a protected space for individual use.  Innovative in terms of design and technology,  a proSafe provides especially reliable operation.  This means the guests have the opportunity to use a system that they can always trust.  In this way,  you create hotel rooms that meet the demand for a protected space space supported with proven and reliable quality.  A demand that Dometic further enhances with its network of partners – over 100 around the world.

From Standard to Premium

Security is an essential requirements for hotel guests,  and one of the main reasons for choosing or discarding a destination and a hotel.  The Dometic Group,  aware of this,  is always developing and improving all of its products in order to meet the needs of customers.  The latest product innovation Dometic has launched is a  proSafe range which goes one step further in terms of design,  functionality,  technology and security.  This proSafe range has a very modern design with a 1.77″ TFT colour display,  an illuminated keypad,  multiple languages,  the latest anti-tampering system and a new Web site platform which offers the possibility to operate the safe with strictest security.  The elegant cabinets of the new proSafe generation have rounded corners for enhanced safety.

Laser-cut Door

Our doors are precisely cut and crafted by laser beam.  This allows us to achieve 100% accuracy in dimensions and a extremely small clearance between the door and casing,  making the door impossible to pry open.

Anti-Tamper System

With the anti-tampering system, Dometic offers a unique security feature for their models.  All anti-tampering manipulation attempts are recorded in the electronic of the safe and can be tracked back at any time. The Anti-Tampering  System is comprised of two different Anti-Tampering options:  Anti-Tampering System – Master Key,  and Anti-Tampering System – Back cover.  The Anti-Tampering System – Master Key is standard for the
Premium models,  and not available for the Advanced and Standard models. The Anti-Tampering System – Back cover is optional for the Premium and Advanced models,  and not available for the Standard models.


REOS stands for Dometic’s Remote Emergency Opening System.  The emergency-opening system from Dometic is based on an innovative encoding system.  The unique solution combines advanced electronics with state-of the-art online technology to allow simple yet highly secure  emergency opening by authorised hotel staff.

TFT Display

The 1.77″ TFT displays and illuminated control panel offer guests additional convenience and come as standard with all Premium Class models.  The instructions on the display are multilingual and can be set individually.

Permium Audit

All operations effected on a safe must be documented for your own security and for your insurance provider.  This is where Dometic’s Premium Audit system offers a truly convenient solution:  the integrated microchip provides storage capacity for the last 1,000 events.


The unique Dometic safe management system (SAM) includes all the security features of REOS,  the anti-tampering system and Premium Audit.  All essential system and Premium Audit. All essential elements of SAM come as standard with Premium Class models and can be optionally configured for Advanced Class Models.

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