Yellow Clinical Waste Bags – (Large) Pack Of 100



Yellow Clinical Waste Bags – (Large) Pack Of 100

Yellow Clinical Waste Bags – (Large) Pack Of 100. Our tough, durable, highly visible waste bags are designed for the safe disposal of medicinal and clinical waste. The sticky tabs enable the bags to be easily sealed after use.

Key Features:
• Self-sealing
• Heavy duty
• Ideal for adding to First Aid Kits and Body Fluid Disposal Kits
• Supplied flat packed
• Bag dimensions (355mm x 420mm)
• Clearly labelled for safe disposal of biohazardous waste
• Adhere to PIRA/UN carriage of dangerous goods regulations
• Marked with the universal Biohazard symbol

Infectious waste that contains chemical or pharmaceutical medicines including:
  • Swabs & dressings
  • Soiled cotton wool
  • Tissues & blue roll/couch roll
  • Soiled gloves and aprons
  • Incontinence pads and nappies
  • IV lines and fluid bags contaminated with pharmaceutical medicines
  • Syringe bodies and disposable metallic parts
  • Non-infectious waste
  • Anatomical waste, placental waste
  • Cytotoxic/ Cytostatic waste
  • Domestic waste

Health and Safety Precautions: Use this waste bag as per the instructions, ensuring the bag is not filled more
than two thirds full

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