SEBO Dart UHS Floor Polisher Head Only


A SEBO DART with UHS polisher is the perfect choice to maintain hard floors, making them easier to clean, longer lasting and giving them a super high gloss finish.

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SEBO Dart UHS Floor Polisher Head Only

Professional Results, effortlessly

A SEBO DART UHS Floor Polisher is the perfect choice to maintain hard floors, making them easier to clean, longer lasting and giving them a super high gloss finish.

The innovative Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) Floor Polisher attachment works with a new patented drive disc.  Its automatic torque controlled height adjustment guarantees that the floor pad is at the optimum setting.  With a rotation of 2000 U/min and with a resin containing micro diamonds coating the floor pads, the SEBO UHS Floor polisher creates a unique gloss effect on the floor surface.

It has never been easier to make hard floors look like new and deep clean carpets all in one package when attached to the DART 1 or DART 2 machine.

When attached to the Dart 1 or 2 vacuum body, fine dust is removed during polishing.  The result is a spotlessly clean floor.

This is optimal floor care, only from SEBO – easy and without the use of chemicals.


The SEBO Dart is suitable for use on sealed wood with water resistant finish.  Also suitable for use on unsealed or oiled wood. It is also suitable for use on marble, granite, linoleum and vinyl.

It has limited suitability for use on porous natural stone, eg slate and laminate with water resistant finish.

The SEBO Dart UHS Floor Polisher is unsuitable for use on cork, porous tile, eg terracotta and cushion vinyl.

Key Features

  • automatic height adjustment
  • flex neck
  • automatic shut off
  • all round protection
  • 3 castor design with 360° rotation
  • quick release floor pad
  • 1300 watt suction motor
  • 200 watt UHS motor
  • 2000 U/min UHS speed
  • action radius 10.5m


Suitable with Dart 1 & Dart 2.

* The SEBO Dart UHS Floor Polisher can only be used with a DART Vacuum Cleaner.

Automatic Height Adjustment

The Sebo UHS adjusts the floor pad automatically to the floor surface.  The patented torque sensor constantly monitors the floor pad and raises or lowers it to achieve optimum performance.  It also protects the floor, it will instantly lift the pad if the resistance is too high, for example if the pad has been pushed onto the carpet.  This makes the Sebo UHS floor polisher both safe and easy to use as the machine will not try to twist out of your grip.  In addition, to ensure even the finest dust is removed , a suction sealing strip is fitted to the base of the UHS.

Flex Neck

Unlike other polishers which have to be forced to change direction, the Sebo UHS will move about with ease. The flexible swivel neck enables the machine to be steered around obstacles with minimal effort.

Automatic Shut Off

The Sebo UHS is an intelligent machine.  The green LED light indicates that the UHS is operational and everything is ok.  The red LED light comes on if the machine has shut down for safety reasons, such as a blockage.

3 Castor Design

3 high quality castors, soft coated to protect the floor and supported by stainless steel shafts, ensure the Sebo UHS runs smoothly over the floor.  The two rear castors swivel through 360 degrees for manoeuvrability whilst the middle castor stabilises the UHS and enables it to stay on course.

Quick Release Floor Pad

The SEBO floor pad has been developed to achieve the best possible polishing performance on all suitable surfaces when used with an appropriate floor maintenance product.  Also a quick release system means you can remove and re-fit the floor pads quickly and easily.

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