RH2 First Aid Kit


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TFAK-30RH2 RH2 First Aid Kit £7.63 £7.36 £6.84


RH2 First Aid Kit

The RH2 first aid kit is ideal for cars, vans and lorries. It also surpasses the recommendations for a travel first aid kit for one person.

The kit is stored in an orange, hard-plastic case with carry handle, making it easy to locate in an emergency, and ensuring durability in any situation.

What’s in the First Aid Kits?




Conforming Bandage Min 7.5cm width and 4m stretched length 1
Saline Cleansing Wipes Individually wrapped, sterile, min surface area of 80mm squared 2
Micro porous Tape 1
Plasters Sterile Assorted 20
Triangular Bandage Min of 20GSM non-woven material or cotton 2
Low Adherent Dressing 5
Finger stalls 2
Safety Pins Pack of 6 1
Scissors 1
Guidance Leaflet Provides brief first aid guidelines 1

RH2 First Aid Kit

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