Reflective Smart Fit Ironing Board Cover

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Minky Reflective Smart Fit Ironing Board Cover reflects heat to help make ironing quick and efficient. Elastic fitting means it fits over most standard boards with ease.

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Minky Reflective Smart Fit Ironing Board Cover


Minky Reflective Smart Fit Ironing Board Cover

  • The heat reflective Cover that fits all standard Boards.
  • Fits in seconds with super tight elastic.
  • Metalic surface reflects heat back through fabric.
  • Luxuriously thick pad for a smoother, faster finish.
  • Fits boards up to 125 x 45cm.

Fitting over most standard ironing boards with ease due to its snug elastic fitting. Our Minky reflective smart fit ironing board cover is ideal for replacing a worn out cover or else updating your existing cover with a smart, efficient design. Including a thick felt pad for a smooth and fast finish whilst working out creases. The smart fit reflector ironing board cover will help reduce the time it takes to complete perfectly smooth results for your clothes. Reflecting back heat from the metallic surface through the fabric. Our patterned ironing board cover will help reduce creases on both sides of your clothing for spectacularly crisp, pressed clothes in no time.
Made from 100% cotton with a modern design, our reflective ironing board cover is soft and kind to clothing.

*Colour may vary*


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122 x 45cm


100% Cotton

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Machine Washable

Reflective Smart Fit Ironing Board Cover


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