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Mini Body Fluid Clean-Up Kit



Mini Body Fluid Clean-Up Kit

Mini Body Fluid Clean-Up Kit (1 Application – MICRO) This compact and portable kit is used for the safe clean-up and disposal of body fluid. Our Mini Clean-Up Kit is ideal for when on the move and contains the necessary equipment for 1 application. For the safe handling, containment and disposal of infectious micro-organisms contained in blood, vomit, urine, mucus, faeces and semen. Meets the current Health and Safety requirements.

It is good practice to have “spillage kits‟ available on site. Spill kits should include PPE (e.g. gloves and
aprons), bleach (or other chlorine releasing agent), instructions, paper towels or disposable cloths, scoop
and waste bags and can be made up by staff or bought commercially.

A suitable disinfectant must be used to kill viruses and bacteria that may be present in blood and body fluid spillages. Chlorine releasing disinfectants (such as bleach, Milton, Haz-Tabs, chlorine releasing granules) at the correct concentration can be used to achieve this. If chlorine releasing agents cannot be used, use a disinfectant that is effective against blood borne viruses.

• Width 10cm
• Height 12.7cm
• Depth 3.2cm
• Material: Polypropylene

HSE Guidlines to cleaning up Body Fluids can be found here.

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