HotelPro 1600w Hair Dryer


HotelPro 1600w Hair Dryer

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HotelPro 1600w Hair Dryer – White


  • For Hotels and Guest Houses only

    HotelPro 1600w Hair Dryer – White

  • 3 heat / 2 speed settings
  • Narrow Concentrator nozzle included
  • On/Off safety trigger operation
  • Safety overheat cut-off
  • Hanging loop
  • Motor: DC
  • Power: 1600w
  • Colour: white (WH)
  • Packaging: gift box


The Hair Dryer is virtually Maintenance Free. Keep all vents and openings clear of dirt and dust. If cleaning becomes necessary, disconnect the unit from the power source, ensure it has cooled completely and wipe the exterior with a damp cloth, then wipe dry.

  • Always disconnect the hair dryer before cleaning.
  • Never immerse the hair dryer in water.
  • It is sufficient to wipe the exterior over with a damp cloth then wipe dry.
  • A soft dry brush may be used to remove dust and hairs from the air inlet grille, the ensure proper airflow at all times.

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