HF Antidote Gel


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H-F Antidote Gel

Calcium Gluconate gel for treatment of skin burns caused by Hydrofluoric Acid.

What is H-F Gel used for?
H-F Antidote Gel is used in the treatment of skin burns caused by Hydrofluoric Acid to prevent the extraction of calcium from the wound reducing burn damage to the bone and deep tissue.

Who needs H-F Antidote Gel?
H-F Antidote Gel should be stored wherever Hydroelectric Acid is in use.

How does it work?
When the calcium gluconate gel is applied to the wound it reacts with the Hydroelectric Acid to neutralise the powerful fluoride ion which if untreated, could cause a fluoride ion attack resulting in the serious condition: Hypoglycemia.

How is it used?
The effected area should be flushed with water for at least one minute before gently massaging the gel into the wound for approximately 10 minutes.

IMPORTANT: H-F Antidote Gel should never be using in or around the eye area.

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