Green Eye Wash Station


Product Code Product Name Size 1-5 6-19 20-50
EC-30EWST21 Green Eye Wash Station 500ml £8.33 £8.04 £7.47


Green Eye Wash Station

This green eye wash station is our basic eyewash station and it comes complete with 2 x 500ml sterile eyewash bottles and a central mirror. The station also has a label demonstrating instructions for use for the 500ml sterile eyewash solution and it can be easily affixed to a wall by drilling through the pre-marked locations in each corner. The 500ml sterile eyewash solution is easily opened by simply twisting the cap and this particular station can also house our premium 500ml sterile eyewash bottles with in built eyebath.

Our comprehensive sterile eyewash first aid kits are complimented by the sterile eyewash stations in our range and this is the basic station containing 2 x 500ml sterile eyewash. The centrally located mirror provides assistance when irrigating the eye and the instructions for use provide a quick reference point for using the sterile eyewash. Easily wall mountable it provides a fixed location for the provision of eye care within a workplace.

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