Flow Wrapped Dressings


Our Blue Dot dressings contain sterile, low adherent pads which cushion and protect the wound. The dressings are attached to extra long, fast edged conforming bandages, which ensure they can be easily secured to any necessary area.

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Flow Wrapped Dressings

Blue Dot Flow Wrapped Dressings are sterile, low adherent pads with extra long, fast edged conforming bandage. Ideal for replenishing first aid kits.

Key Features:

  • Sterile
  • Low Adherent Pad
  • Fast Edged Conforming Dressing
  • Available in a Number of Sizes

Product Name

Large Dressing Flow Wrap No.9 – 10cm x 15cm
Large Dressing Flow Wrap H.S.E. – 18cm x 18cm
Extra Large Dressing Flow Wrap No.3 – 27.5cm x 20cm
Small Dressing Flow Wrap No.7 – 5cm x 5cm
Eye Pad  & Bandage Flow Wrapped No.16
Medium Dressing Flow Wrap No.8 – 10cm x 7.5cm
Medium Dressing Flow Wrap H.S.E. – 12cm x 12cm
Eye Pad Universal Loop Bandage Flow Wrapped
Eye Pad Dressing Oval (Without Bandage) Flow Wrap

Additional information


Small No.7 (5cm x 5cm), Medium No.8 (10cm x 7.5cm), Large No.9 (10cm x 15cm), Extra Large No.3 (27.5cm x 20cm), Medium H.S.E. (12cm x 12cm), Large H.S.E. (18cm x 18cm), Eye Pad & Bandage No.16, Eye Pad & Bandage Looped, Eye Pad Non Woven







No7 Small Dressing Flow Wrapped 5cm x 5cm £0.19 £0.18 £0.17
No8 Medium Dressing Flow Wrapped 10cm x 7.5cm £0.21 £0.20 £0.19
No9 Large Dressing Flow Wrapped 10cm x 15cm £0.27 £0.26 £0.25
No3 Extra Large Dressing Flow Wrapped 27.5cm x 20cm £0.54 £0.52 £0.49
Medium Dressing Flow Wrapped 12cm x 12cm £0.25 £0.24 £0.22
Large Dressing Flow Wrapped 18cm x 18cm £0.36 £0.34 £0.32
No.16 Eye Pad & Bandage Flow Wrapped £0.19 £0.19 £0.17
Eye Pad & Bandage Looped Flow Wrapped £0.30 £0.29 £0.27
Eye Pad Non Woven Flow Wrapped £0.08 £0.08 £0.07

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