Fabric Adhesive Plasters


Our fabric plasters provide a skin-coloured, comfortable material that cushions and protects the wound. The material is breathable and hypoallergenic, meaning they are kind to the skin and are also latex free.

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Fabric Adhesive Plasters

These lightweight fabric adhesive plasters quality plasters conform easily to the body to stay in place, specifically designed to cushion and protect. The highly flexible fabric fiber weave ventilates the wound and promotes quick and natural healing.

Material stretch fabric provides exceptional comfort and is latex free.

  • Non adherent absorbant wound pad
  • Low allergy, latex free adhesive
  • Sterile and conformable, stretches with movement
  • Breathable – allows air for natural healing and prevents skin maceration
  • Designed to cushion and protect

Each fabric plaster is individually wrapped, making these ideal to carry around with you when you are out and about, or as a replenishment pack for a First Aid Kit.

Product Details

Our range of fabric plasters are an unmedicated first aid adhesive dressing that are ideally suited for minor wounds and skin scratches. The product is a Class I product according to Rule 4 of the Medical Devices directive 2007/47/ec 1993. This means that the product is a non-invasive device which comes in to contact with injured skin.

Each of our fabric plasters are individually packed within its own wrapper and contain an absorbent pad which assists in absorbing small amounts of blood and exudate from the cut or graze. The adhesive backing is conformable to the skin.

All materials within our extensive plaster range, including our fabric plasters, have proven to be safe, reliable and non-toxic to users, and the products are intended as a single use product.

The shelf-life from the point of manufacture of our products is 5 years and they are normally intended for short term use.

All of our plasters come with the appropriate labeling and markings, indicating the batch and expiry date, allowing for full tractability. They also carry the CE registration mark.


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P-30FEAP21 Fabric Plasters Assorted Bag of 10 £0.28 £0.27 £0.25
P-30FEAP20 Fabric Plasters Assorted Bag of 20 £0.53 £0.51 £0.48
P-86913 Fabric Plasters Assorted Box of 20 £0.50 £0.48 £0.45
P-86914 Fabric Plasters Assorted Box of 100 £3.18 £3.07 £2.85
P-86916 Fabric Plasters 7cm x 2cm Box of 100 £2.41 £2.33 £2.16
P-86915 Fabric Plasters 4cm x 4cm Box of 100 £2.98 £2.88 £2.67
P-86917 Fabric Plasters 7.5cm x 2.5cm Box of 100 £2.21 £2.13 £1.98
P-86918 Fabric Plasters 7.5cm x 5cm Box of 50 £2.07 £2.00 £1.86
P-86920 Fabric Plasters Anchor / Knuckle Box of 50 £2.45 £2.36 £2.19
P-86919 Fabric Plasters Fingertip / Winged Box of 50 £2.16 £2.09 £1.94

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