Dometic Mini ProSafe 9 Litre MD310


This small sensation compact safe provides maximum security on a minimum of space.

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Right Hand Hinged as standard

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Dometic Mini ProSafe 9 Litre

Dometic Mini ProSafe 9 Litre
Dometic Mini ProSafe 9 Litre

Providing a secure space for important or valuable objects doesn’t have to be cost-intensive.  With Standard Class proSafe,  you can create a reliable spot within a hotel room that is worth every penny. Security and and functionality  are paramount in all models of Dometic safe.  The Standard Class entry-level models offer your guests a high level of security thanks to their robust construction and notably improve convenience for guests with simple and intuitive operability.

Each Dometic safe comes as an install-and-go package complete with batteries.  To ensure reliable safe operation the batteries must be checked on a regular basis and replaced in good time.  With the Dometic Mini ProSafe 9 Litre this task is made easy just enter the code on the operating panel, and the current battery status appears on the display.

When it comes to the valuables of their guests, hotels of all categories worldwide place their trust in the experience of a market leader. Dometic is the leading supplier for comfort hotel room equipment.

Dometic anti-tampering system

While guests around the world expect efficient and secure service to store their valuables in their own hotel rooms,  hotel managers demand cutting edge technology to guarantee smooth and reliable in-room safe operation.  The latest Dometic proSafe range offers state-of-the-art solutions for every demand.  With the Anti- tampering system,  Dometic provides an unparalleled security feature for it’s proSafe models.  The anti-tampering system reports to the hotel any tampering attempt performed on the safe at any given time of the day or night.  The state-of-the-art security concept will even better protect the guests’ valuables.  Integrated into a sturdy cabinet with 19mm steel pivots,  it leaves no point of attack for thieves and burglars.  Dometic strives to support your hotel’s most through security standards and guarantees your guests the greatest possible comfort away from home.

Dometic safes are chosen by hotels worldwide for their sleek design, industry-leading technologies, and easy operation. This in-room hotel safe measures 6.5 x 12.2 x 9.25 in. (165 x 310 x 235 mm) (H x W x D) with 9L capacity. The electronic safe is equipped with a master code and includes a high-security master key in case of emergency.

  • NOT suitable for a laptop
  • right hinged as standard – with left hinge available
  • rubber keypad
  • Digital keypad with LED display
  • LED interior light for maximum visibility into the safe as a second bullet point
  • Solid locking with 19 mm steel bolts
  • Reprogrammable configuration, four-digit guest code
  • Masterkey Fast and secure emergency opening
  • Prepared for Fixing Kit Secure fixation to hotel room furniture
  • Compact size is ideal for storing smaller guest valuables
  • Steel thickness: Body (2 mm); door and frame (5.0 mm)
  • motorized locking system with automatic opening
  • conformation buzzer
  • inside carpet
  • colour- anthracite grey
  • Four AA (1.5 V) batteries (included), low-battery warning
  • 165 x 310 x 235mm (hxwxd)

Lead time is 7 – 10 days for stock items and 4 – 6 weeks for larger orders / non stock item.

Please Note – All Dometic Safes are delivered direct from the manufacturer and therefore incurs an additional delivery charge of £25.00 per drop which we pass on to our customers.  All orders over £1250 qualifies for free delivery.

Additional information

Hinged Door

Right hand (as standard), Left hand


165 x310 x 265mm (HxWxD)

Net Weight


Steel Thickness Door


Steel Thickness Body


Locking Mechanism

two 18mm solid steel bolts


6V DC motor


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