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Body Fluid & Sharps Disposal (3 Application – PGB Medium)




Body Fluid & Sharps Disposal (3 Application – PGB Medium) Our multi-purpose application Body Fluid & Sharps Kit provides all the equipment you need to effectively and safely dispose of bodily fluid, hazardous substances and sharps.

• Width 27.7cm
• Height 26 cm
• Depth 7.8 cm
• Material: Polypropylene

Contents Qty
2 Body Fluid Clean Up Packs – Containing
Instructions 2
Oversleeves 2
Gloves 2
Scoop & Scraper 2
Dry Wipe 4
Disinfectant Wipe 2
Disinfectant Spray 30ml 2
Absorbant Powder 10g 2
Biohazard Bag 2
Polythene Apron 2
Face Mask 2
Sharps/Needle Disposal Pack – Containing 
Instructions 1
Sharps Disposal Container 1
Biohazard Bag 1
Plastic Tweezers 1
Gloves 1
Disinfectant wipe 1

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