Body Fluid Plastic Scoop & Scraper Set



Body Fluid Plastic Scoop & Scraper Set

The Body Fluid Plastic Scoop & Scraper Set is specially designed for the safe removal of body fluids in order to ensure a safe working environment and high level of hygiene. Use the scoop and scraper to remove Biohazard body spill absorbents after a body fluid spill. Sturdy plastic construction will not deteriorate like card alternatives.

Body fluids, such as sweat, tears, vomit or urine may contain and pass on these viruses when blood is present in the fluid.

If you come into contact with blood and body fluids always treat them as potentially infectious. … Most accidental exposures to human blood and body fluid are avoidable. The appropriate protective equipment should also be used when removing body fluid spills. This can be found in our Infection Control range.

For information regarding cleaning up Body Fluids click here.

Ideal for replacements for Biohazard kits.


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