Body Fluid Clean-Up Kit (2 Application – Pgb Small)


Contents  Qty
Disinfectant Spray 30ml 2
Absorbent Powder 10g 2
Instructions 2
Polythene Apron 2
Biohazard Bag 2
Gloves 2
Disinfectant Wipe 2
Scoop & Scraper 2
Dry Wipe 4
Over sleeves 2
Face Mask 2


Body Fluid Clean-Up Kit (2 Application – Pgb Small)

Body Fluid Clean-Up Kit (2 Application – Pgb Small) This 2 Application Body Fluid Kit provides a safe and efficient system for disinfection and removal of bodily fluids.

Blood and body fluid spills pose a risk of transmission of infection and disease, e.g. blood borne Viruses, diarrhoea and vomiting illnesses, such as norovirus. The main risk is infection following hand to  mouth/nose/eye contact, and there is also a risk of infection via broken skin (cuts or scratches). It is therefore important to understand the risk of exposure and plan appropriately so that in the event of a spill it can be dealt with immediately and effectively. This includes ensuring that appropriate equipment for the cleaning of spills is available, and staff are appropriately trained on the correct action to take. Locally managers should ensure that arrangements and protocols are in place to deal with spillages immediately and appropriate consideration is made where required as part of risk assessment.

• Width 26.1 cm
• Height 25 cm
• Depth 7.5 cm
• Material: Polypropylene


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