Black Draw String Hair Dryer Bag (Case Qty 5)



Black Draw String Hair Dryer Bag (Case Qty 5)

Keeping Hair Dryers in the Black Draw String Hair Dryer Bag is the perfect solution.

With the added bonus of keeping the flex and plug tidy.

These Black Drawstring Hair Dryer Bags are ideal for keeping your hotel hairdryers dust free and tidied away neatly until your guests need to use them.

  • Soft material to protect hairdryer
  • Ideal storage solution
  • 100% Terylene (Polyester)
  • Black
  • Hairdryer logo (Suitable for international use)
  • Draw string
  • Inner bag size is 300 x 400mm

The secure drawstrings mean that the hairdryer wires can be tucked away, kept tangle free and that you can hang the hairdryer bag up on the back of the bathroom or bedroom door.

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