Berkshire ATL400 Business Telephone


A 12 memory business telephone of the highest quality backed by a 10 year warranty.

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Berkshire ATL400 Business Telephone

This Berkshire ATL400 Business  Telephone includes many qualities including the ability to automatically dial your often used numbers direct from memory. A few simple keystrokes will allow you to store a maximum of twelve telephone numbers into permanent memory (no batteries required).

When the modern business world demands greater time efficiency from your already busy schedule,  use the ability of the Berkshire ATL400 Business Telephone.  Combine the memory capability with all the features of the Berkshire ATL200 and you have a fast,  easy to use communication tool at your fingertips.

The Berkshire ATL400 Business Telephone can be connected either to a Direct Exchange Line,  or as an extension to a compatible company exchange (PABX).

Your Berkshire ATL400 Business Telephone is designed and manufactured to exacting quality standards. This enables ATL Telecom Limited to offer a 10 year guarantee from the date of purchase.  This grantee protects against faulty material or workmanship, applies to UK only and is not transferable.

Berkshire ATL400 Business Telephone

  • mf dialling.
  • latching mute.
  • last number redial.
  • elr/tbr switchable.
  • ri / mw switchable.
  • adjustable ringer volume.
  • adjustable ringer pitch.
  • modem port.
  • headset port.
  • adjustable headset volume.
  • bt line cord.
  • rj45 line cord.
  • hearing aid compatible.
  • memories – 12.
  • external memory programming port.
  • memory disable switch.
  • pause key.
  • 10 year warranty.

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