Bambino Premier Body Fluid Disposal Kit Dispenser



Bambino Premier Body Fluid Disposal Kit Dispenser

Bambino Premier Body Fluid Disposal Kit Dispenser is ideal for safe disposal of body fluid spillages such as blood, vomit or urine.

Effective against HIV and Hepatitis B viruses.


3 x Oversleeves

3 x Gloves (Pairs)

3 x Scoop and Scrapers

6 x Bonded Wipes

3 x Disinfectant Wipes

3 x Disinfectant Sprays

3 x Super Absorbent Powders

3 x Biohazard bags

3 x Apron

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Blood and body fluid spills pose a risk of transmission of infection and disease, e.g. blood borne Viruses, diarrhoea and vomiting illnesses, such as norovirus. The main risk is infection following hand to mouth/nose/eye contact, and there is also a risk of infection via broken skin (cuts or scratches). It is therefore important to understand the risk of exposure and plan appropriately so that in the event of a spill it can be dealt with immediately and effectively.

It is good practice to have “spillage kits‟ available on site. Spill kits should include PPE (e.g. gloves and aprons), bleach (or other chlorine releasing agent), instructions, paper towels or disposable cloths, scoop
and waste bags and can be made up by staff or bought commercially. A named person should be
responsible for checking and replenishing items for kits regularly, (e.g. first aider). Your staff should ensure that during residential visits the accommodation has suitable equipment and or arrangements in place as part of their pre and arrival checks to deal with spills.

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