50 Litre Drawer Mini Bar


The MBDM50NTE D and MBDM50NTE F is a guestroom pull-out minibar, offering easy accessibility for guests and class-leading energy efficiency for the hotel.

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50 Litre Drawer Mini Bar

50 Litre Drawer Mini Bar MBDM50NTE D
50 Litre Drawer Mini Bar MBDM50NTE D

World innovation – awarded with the Gold Star Award: the pull out Dometic 50 Litre Drawer Mini Bar can be matched to the interior decor of your hotel.  This innovative built in Mini Bar has two refrigerated drawers – one for mini bottles and snacks,  the other for bottles and cans.  The unique 50 Litre Drawer Mini Bar comes in two versions:  Fully equipped with an anthracite decorative panel and handle (MBDM50NTE D) or prepared for furniture integration with a matching decor panel (MBDM50NTE F).  Please note hotel’s own door décor panel must be in line with following requirements:

  • Max. weight: 2 kg
  • Max. thickness: 14 mm
  • Installation: Fixed with 4 screws.
  • Drilling for lock: Diameter of 35 mm

The 50 Litre Drawer Mini Bar is the world’s first drawer Mini Bar designed to operate silently and provide an array of luxury features to both enhance guests’ in-room experience while saving energy for the hotel.  The MBDM50NTE D and MBDM50NTE F also helps to reduce operating costs. They are completely silent and uses 0.38kwH/24h, the lowest energy consumption in its category. It also features automatic defrost and a self-closing door, both of which help to improve the unit’s performance and minimize energy loss.

Hoteliers can think creatively about where to install the 50 Lite Drawer Mini Bar for example, why not install it in a writing desk, making it convenient for the guest to use while working? All Dometic production plants are certified according to quality management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

 How to provide proper ventilation

Correct ventilation is essential to ensure optimum performance, low energy consumption and a long life of the Dometic 50 Litre Drawer Mini Bar.  When installing the unit leave about 15 mm clearance between the rear of the cabinet and the furniture wall. Never place the drawer Mini Bar near a heat source to avoid that warm air enters the ventilation duct through the air inlet and impairs the cooling effect.  Sufficient air flow is accomplished by creating a chimney effect; going in from front of unit, underneath and up the back of the cooling unit exiting at the top. Ventilation dimensions: 31 square inches inflow and 31 square inches exhaust. Requirement: minimum 0.59 inch clearance between back of unit and furniture wall.

Ventilation Requirements


  • 2 small shelves for mini-bottles or snacks in the small compartment.
  • 2 large dividers for bottles and cans in the large compartment.
  • 3 bottle fingers to fix products in the large compartment.
  • LED interior light.
  • Automatic defrost.
  • Adjustable temperature setting.
  • Model Class (lite) – 50L
  • Storage volume –  45L
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) MBDM50NTE D = 418 x 550 x 508mm  MBDM50NTE F = 418 x 550 x 480 (depth without hotel panel)
  • Dimensions for drawers (H x W x D) : (Drawer for miniature bottles and snacks) 88 x 159 x 285 , ( Drawer for bottles and cans) 302 x 430 x 330
  • Input rating (W) – 80
  • Energy consumption (kWh/24h) – 0.38
  • Noise level (db[A]) – 28
  • Lock available at an additional cost.
  • Do not operate the device if it is visibly damaged.
  • This device may only be repaired by qualified personnel.
  • This device may only be repaired by qualified personnel. Improper repairs can lead to considerable hazards.
    Please Note – All Dometic Mini Bars are delivered direct from the manufacturer and therefore incurs a additional delivery charge of £25.00 per drop which we pass on to our customers.  All orders over £1000 qualifies for free delivery.

    Lead times 7-10 days for stock items and 4-6 weeks for larger order/non stock items.

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Drawer Front

With Dometic door décor panel and handle (MBDM50D) (as standard), Prepared for the hotel’s own wooden door panel and handle (MBDM50F)

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